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Northmount Fitness & Dance Studio COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines

Please read this information carefully before coming to our studio. These protocols have been created in conjunction with the guidelines as provided by Alberta Health Services (AHS) for the COVID-19 Phase 2 Relaunch Strategy. Northmount Fitness & Dance Studio will continue to monitor and operate based on the guidelines provided and as such, any procedures and expectations of our participants can be updated at any time, with expectation of 100% compliance.


• Participants and instructors are expected to maintain a distance of two meters from each other in all directions in all areas inside and the studio.

• There will be one way traffic flow into the studio. Everyone will be asked to maintain their distance as they enter and leave.

• Floor decals are marked out at two meter distances for our non-high-intensity classes. three meters apart. Capacity is 6 participants at the same time.

• Participants may not face each other during the workout and should keep speaking to a minimum during the workout (no cheering) to minimize the distance mouth droplets may travel


• Commercial grade disinfectant approved by Health Canada, with 24-hour protection, will be used throughout the entire studio including all equipment, bathrooms and high touch surfaces.
• All equipment set up within your spot/pod has been cleaned twice by staff following each class and we encourage that you clean the equipment prior to use.
• Staff will be trained on new cleaning and disinfecting procedures for each area of the studio which include
• disinfecting high touch surfaces every 30-min (i.e. before, during and post class)
• re-cleaning all equipment following every class
• washing floors including in studio floors between each class
• disinfecting ‘barres’ before and after each class


• You are not required or encouraged to wear a mask while working out. It will impact your ability to breath during cardio vascular activity.
• Our instructors are not required to wear masks while instructing and will have their own 2-meter spot/pod just like each participant.
• Instructors will offer verbal cues vs hands on adjustments only.
• If you are feeling unwell at any time, promptly exit the class, proceed home and use the AHS online self-assessment tool to determine if testing is needed.


• Please disinfectant and clean all of your equipment within your spot/pod.